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"Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love."
-Unknown (a knot in my throat now)
"Please don’t break me I finally put the pieces back together"
-(via downfalls)
nickgriffithsss: Listen I fucking care about you if you need anything please just tell me and I will do everything in my power to do it for you you mean the absolute world to me I can't believe such an amazing girl has so many doubts and fears of abandonment I will always be here for you no matter what I'm here to listen and I'm here for you for the rest of our lives kadie I love you with all of my heart I hope you realize that now pick up your chin and show that beautiful smile! 😘

Oh my god I love you so much😻😻😻 ya da bomb babe💣😻

"I lost my mind
trying to find yours."
-(via difficult)